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Phillies shoot fish in a barrel.

Marlins lose 10-0.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins have finally finished up all their games against the Philadelphia Phillies this season leaving them with a disappointing 8-11 record.

The Phillies, who had pretty much nothing all season with usually the worst record in baseball, were a whole series better than the Marlins this year. This really just represents my frustrations with the Marlins because I mean really... must they lose to this team? The most entertaining thing from the Phillies (Besides the monster that is Rhys Hoskins) is the Philly Phanatic, which I must say keeps me very interested in these games.

New York Yankees v Philadelphia Phillies, Game 4
Lets just call the man on the left “The Marlins”
Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Time to get to game recap. Vance Worley was bad really bad. Like seven earned runs in an inning and one third bad. Like gave up three home runs and eight hits bad. Phillies pitcher Jake Thompson was much better, giving up six hits over 5.1 innings.

The first inning was interesting. The Phillies scored on a wild pitch and on a passed ball. So it was 2-0 going into the second inning the marlins still had a shot. Next was a Jorge Alfaro homerun, then there was a Freddy Galvis two-run home run, and to cap off this home run party was Rhys (don’t call him rice) Hoskins delivering his 18th of the season. This would put Philadelphia soundly up by seven runs, but they would continue to tack on a few more making it 10-0 by the end of it.

Ichiro Suzuki had two hits in the game. He started while Christian Yelich had the night off. Brian Anderson got himself three hits in the game, which was nice. Well, that’s all the nice stuff to talk about.

I must mention since the last time we spoke I know my dream was for the Marlins to continue to fight for the wild card and my dream was for them to go 8-2 in their next 10 games. Wellllllllll they have lost five straight games since then, so I guess you can say I fried the fish with my dreams (My dreams do usually involve fried food). Sorry Miami.

Another visual representation of the Phillies vs the Marlins this year *sighs*

The Marlins will go on to face the Milwaukee Brewers and it will be Jose Urena (13-6) vs TBD.

King Fish: Freddy Galvis (.254)

Flounder: Vance Worley (-.374)

Play of the game: Freddy Galvis two run homerun in the second inning.