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Marlins Sale: Who is in the driver’s seat?

Jeter is a winner on the field, but Mas has been a winner for South Florida

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88th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, and countless other investors seem to have the inside track to winning the bid for the Miami Marlins, but is that what is best for baseball fans in South Florida? Having two serious bidders remaining allows for a more in-depth look at the competitors.

Derek Jeter

“The Captain” is instantly recognizable, provides credibility to baseball decisions and is partnered with one of the greatest athletes of all time, Michael Jordan. The caveat is that Jeter is looking to run the financial AND baseball decisions with his $25 million investment. At first blush, that sounds like a sizable investment, until you factor in that the current estimated highest bid is at $1.17 billion. That’s the equivalent of being asked out to dinner at Ruth’s Chris by one of the Marlins Mermaids, who then offers only to cover the tip but demands that you order your steak the way she likes it.

Further complicating the issue would be the involvement of Jordan, who hasn’t been a wildly successful NBA owner/executive, but would most certainly require input in the decision-making process. “His Airness” is, first and foremost, a competitor, and the obstacles to building a winner in Miami could prove difficult to overcome.

This group, which keeps growing by the day, still hasn’t been able to pool together enough capital to buy a team known for its heavy debt and low attendance.

Jorge Mas

If you were looking for a ‘No Mas’ joke, you won’t find it here. Jorge Mas seems to be the ideal candidate for Marlins ownership.

As the child of Cuban immigrants, Mas has fulfilled the American Dream and amassed a fortune through the construction of infrastructure. His ties to the community and obvious financial acumen are a recipe for success.

Accolades and achievements by Mas that you might not be familiar with include being named one of the most influential leaders in the Latino community in 2014, presiding as Chairman of the first U.S. Latino-owned company to reach $1 billion in revenue, and being actively involved with the Cuban American National Foundation, which was founded by his father.

Jorge Mas, Miami Marlins owner, just feels right. Let’s just hope that Jeffrey Loria doesn’t drag the process out any longer in hopes of bilking more money out of the sale.

At the end of the day, all that really matters is that the Marlins are purchased by a reputable entity that will bring Miami a winner and give back to a great community that deserves a chance to rid itself of the circus known as the Jeffrey Loria era.