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Marlins Morning News: Rothbaum/Bush officially drop out of the bidding

Sources say that team sale decision “nearing.”

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One of these two guys would make a great owner.
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Marlins News

Jeb Bush has a lot of former titles. Former governor of Florida. Former presidential candidate. Now, he can add one more: Former Marlins owner-hopeful.

Bush and Wayne Rothbaum, who had been fronting a third group vying for Jeff Loria’s affections, have ended their run at the Marlins, according to the AP News.

Bush was once aligned with suspected front-runner Derek Jeter but fell out with him over Jeter’s desire to be the control person. Rothbaum initially headed his own bid on the strength of his investment firm, Quogue Capital. Both eventually ended up working with Tagg Romney on a bid, only to find themselves in control of the group after Romney himself bowed out a couple weeks back.

RothBushRomGlavStew have always been considered the long shot of the three groups waging battle for control of the Fish. Now, with them firmly out of the picture, the race boils down to the Jeter-controlled group and Cuban businessman Jorge Mas. Sources maintain that Jeter is considered the favorite due to Loria’s respect and admiration for his playing career, and the process may simply be dragging out to allow him time to collect the requisite funds needed to complete the transaction. It remains to be seen if Mas is willing to push his bid to the estimated $1.2 billion dollars he’ll need to firmly push his group over the top, because we know what Loria likes more than Derek Jeter.

In yesterday’s 10-1 drubbing of the Marlins, Gio Gonzalez owned the Fish yet again.

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The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Osipoff has a nice story with some details about the Marlins newest acquistion, left-handed pitcher Carlos Diaz.

Around the League

Mr. Miami does not play for the Marlins...not yet, anyway.

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