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Vote LoMo and Bour for the ASG

Rays and Marlins team up for Final Vote

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Courtesy of our friends at DRaysBay, we are working together to advocate voting for Logan Morrison and Justin Bour in the All-Star Game Final Vote. Click here to help push them through! This article is written courtesy of DRB’s Adam Sanford. Look for our piece on Bour to be published later today! Happy 4th of July everyone!

Logan Morrison is one of the five players selected to be a part of the American League's final vote.

This is criminal as he should have been selected to be on the American League roster originally.

He is having a career year and is THE BEST FIRST BASEMAN IN THE AMERICAN LEAGUE.

That is a fact; he is leading American League first basemen in fWAR (2.8), and it's not really even close. Justin Smoak (who was named an All-Star) is the closest to Morrison, but he's still a bit off a 2.1 fWAR.

Meanwhile in the offensive department, Morrison has the most HR (24), highest BB% (14.5%), ISO (.322), 3rd highest OBP (.366) and wRC+ (146), and 2nd highest SLG (.579).

Despite all this, Logan Morrison isn't starting the All-Star game as the aforementioned Justin Smoak was selected to be the starting first baseman for the American League while Yonder Alonso was chosen as the backup.

Logan Morrison deserves to start the All-Star Game, but since that can't happen now, let's send him down to Miami with Corey Dickerson to at least get the honor.