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Twitter reacts to the AJ Ramos trade

From agony to exhilaration, otherwise known as any event on social media.

T-Mobile Presents Derby After Dark
The G stands alone, now.
Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for T-Mobile

Pre-trade, on wrestling night at the park, Ramos having fun with the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Say what you will about Ramos’ on-field performance, but he did know how to have fun.

Cotillo checks in with the tweet of the night regarding the trade (and other trades occurring simultaneously).

This one aptly summed up the majority reaction from both sides when the news broke:

After everyone calmed down a little, the intention of the trade became clear.

Or, at least for some.

Long-time teammate TK weighed in with a heartfelt tweet.

Mets manager Terry Collins weighed in with a super enthusiastic endorsement that completely synced up with his statement:

Most Mets fans seemed pleasantly surprised. You can’t please Emily though, apparently.

Meanwhile, Marlins reaction is predictably mixed:

You knew this one was coming.