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Marlins Twitter is split on what the team should do at the deadline

It’s time to take a side.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been on the wonderful website called recently and you’ve seen the hashtags #MarlinsParty, #MarlinsCentrist, or #FishFamily, you’re probably a Marlins fan.

Despite being behind the @fishstripes Twitter account most of the time, I don’t quite feel 100 percent embedded into Marlins Twitter, and I wasn’t sure what these hashtags were all about.

So, I did the thing that makes Twitter so great: I asked the people.

And wow, did #MarlinsTwitter have some opinions. So, if you’re wondering what these groups are all about, I compiled the best summaries from the people who make the Marlins part of Twitter what it is.

Marlins Party

#MarlinsParty is the side with the most backing among Marlins fans on Twitter. Its basic standpoint is that the Marlins should be sellers at the trade deadline. Some have limits on who is available, while others, well, do not.

The big argument for the party is that the Marlins need to revamp their farm system, and the only way to do that is to sell off the valuable players for top-level prospects. Those valuable players just happen to be the core of the franchise (Yelich, Ozuna, Realmuto, etc.) which is why this standpoint has some pushback.

After a couple quick questions, I realized that there are few leaders of the #MarlinsParty movement, and they fired out the tweets you see above. According to @LaFontaine_CD, Marlins Party started this offseason when Miami was not not able to sign Edwin Encarnacion in free agency.

This group wants prospects and a true rebuild, and they don’t care who knows it.

Marlins Centrist

#MarlinsCentrist seems to get picked on the most, because this part of Marlins fandom doesn’t really fully take a side. The basic idea of a Marlins Centrist is that the team would trade off the guys who really aren’t part of the core, like Brad Ziegler, Junichi Tazawa and others, but keep the young position players that give this team hope.

The most vocal #MarlinsCentrist personality seems to be @all_right-Miami.

Danny brings up some good points, and his faction seems to be the most level-headed. Marlins centrists want to see the organization build around guys like Marcell Ozuna and J.T. Realmuto, and they won’t trust Loria to blow this thing up again before he leaves.

Fish Family

#FishFamily is the opposite of Marlins Party, simply put. They don’t want to trade anyone, not even guys like Edinson Volquez and Ziegler who could bring back something to help the farm system.

This group is not nearly as vocal on Twitter, but they do think this team has enough pieces to still compete this season. Some members of the Fish Family want to stay put at the trade deadline, while others even want the Marlins to be buyers.

Let’s just say #FishFamily isn’t the most popular group among Marlins fans.

Frankly, the Fish Family needs to wake up. This Marlins team as it is assembled is not going to compete, and the farm system is tarnished and needs to be rebuilt. However, it’s nice to see that there are still a few people who believe in this 2017 squad.

So, there’s your quick breakdown of what the heck has been going on within Marlins Twitter over the past weeks. Expect even more hot takes as more news comes out about the sale of the team and as we approach the trade deadline on July 31.

And, if you’re not on Twitter but you want to pick a side, that’s what the comments section is for.