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Marlins Morning News: Cano clutch for AL

Miami shines as host city, Loria not so much.

88th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Marlins News

Robinson Cano’s tenth-inning home run propelled the American League to a 2-1 victory in last night’s All-Star Game in Miami. Here’s our full recap.

Jose Fernandez was missed. He was still present in spirit, however. Even Bryce Harper paid tribute.

Former Marlin Andrew Miller had quite the homecoming, closing out the game for the AL and garnering the save. Unfortunately, the current Marlins in the game didn’t do as well, but they still enjoyed putting on the show.

The game cast a light on the city, as well as the team. Even the Marlins’ barber got a close-up. The Guardian asked if Miami was the worst place for an All-Star Game. The Herald pointed the finger at Loria for that possibility but said Miami still has a passion for baseball.

Of course, the team is still for sale and celebrities are getting in on the bidding. I personally hope Jorge Mas wins for all the bilingual puns that I’ll be able to make with his name. Need I say mas? Okay, it’s really just gonna be replacing “more” with “mas” every chance I get.

Around the League

The game featured a few players on other teams with Miami ties and featured a nod to the city’s Latin roots.

Although he accounted for the NL’s only run, the game will most likely be remembered for Yadier Molina’s framing ability and homage to C-3P0 and Oscar statuettes everywhere.

It was the All-Star game for MLB stadium promos too. Atlanta’s “The Freeze” was in attendance, and actually got beat by a ringer.