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All-Star Game tickets surpass $200

It won’t be cheap to attend.

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Miami’s struggles in 2017 seemingly haven’t affected the price of tickets for this year’s All-Star game. Tickets have already surpassed $200 on secondary websites, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

On the secondary market, prices have soared well above $200 for even the "worst" All-Star Game tickets.

Parking is also going to be a factor, and that too is getting pricey, according to Jackson. From the outset, fans have been encouraged to purchase tickets well in advance.

The mid-summer classic has never been cheap, perhaps one of the reasons owner Jeffrey Loria has waited until this point to sell the team. This could be the current owner’s last opportunity to make a significant profit before a potential sale.

Nonetheless, the classic will highlight Marlins Park at a time when the future of baseball in Miami is unclear. It seems the potential new owners wonder whether baseball could become a major ordeal in South Florida.