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Fish Bites Podcast Episode 3: Marlins Sale, Future of the Franchise

Tim Healey of the Sun-Sentinel joins the podcast

Tim Healey, Marlins beat writer of the Sun-Sentinel, joins Aram to discuss the latest developments on the potential Marlins sale, the dynamics of a Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter ownership and another group making a push to purchase the team.

Will the Marlins be buyers or sellers? It is too soon, but how would the fish go about buying or selling?

Whats the Marlins future at shortstop? Tim and Aram discuss whether Adeiny Hechevarria is the answer and if not, where the answer may be found.

Ultimately, what will a new ownership mean for the franchise? The two discuss whether to expect change and how rapidly.

Tim Healey and Aram Leighton can be followed on twitter @timbhealey and @aramleighton8