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Marlins unlikely to pursue Manny Machado with Giancarlo Stanton on roster

One star would have to be moved for another star to be added.

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Several future Marlins owners have wondered whether baseball in Miami can become more popular, according to Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe, and might consider adding a star such as Manny Machado.

The issue? There’s already a star on the roster.

A new ownership group almost certainly would alter the payroll, but it’s unlikely the change would be drastic enough for the Marlins to afford both Machado and right fielder Giancarlo Stanton.

Regardless of whether the the payroll changes, Stanton’s current contract would prove to be an issue. Stanton is currently making just $14.5 million, mainly because the deal he signed was backloaded.

There is an opt-out clause in the deal after the 2020, but unless Stanton has a pair of breakout campaigns the next few seasons, he will likely decide to remain in Miami. The deal will get significantly more expensive, too. From 2023 to to 2025, Stanton is due $32 million.

Stanton’s current contract runs through his age 38 season.

There is always the chance the Marlins trade Stanton, but that could create another issue. His current contract includes a no-trade clause. Perhaps it’s instances such as this one that the Marlins are hesitant to provide them.

Machado could be the anchor the left side of Miami’s infield needs. Neither Martin Prado nor Adeiny Hechavarria seem to be locks in the seasons to come.

Machado is an obvious option because of his connections to Miami, but he also would bring the power the Marlins almost certainly will require. The three-time All-Star will be costly, though, and that seems to be the problem.

Past rumors have suggested Stanton would accept a trade to Los Angeles, but there’s no guarantee the Dodgers want to add him. In any deal, the Marlins will likely have to include cash to cover a fraction of the money Stanton is due.

It doesn’t seem realistic for the Marlins to have Stanton and Machado on the same roster. If Machado is an option, Stanton probably isn’t.