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Owner Jeffrey Loria might not be making as much as he thought

The price is dropping, according to one report.

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

While Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria remains engaged in talks to sell the team, he might not receive the $1.3 billion he’s been seeking, according to FanRag Sports’ Jon Heyman.

Several groups, including two separate teams led by Tagg Romney and Derek Jeter, seem to be interested, but it appears the price will continue to fall. Jeter and Jeb Bush’s group doesn’t seem to have enough financial support, according to Heyman, while the Romney group is unlikely to be able to pay the $1.3 billion and “believes the figure should be a touch lower.”

It’s a traditional business tactic to start with the highest price and work downward, but this could be a point at which it’s revealed whether Loria is serious about selling the team. If he is, he will almost certainly be forced to lower the price.

Earlier this year, a sale seemed it would happen rather quickly. However, the process can seemingly drag on for a few additional months.

The new owners will also be forced to make an immediate baseball operations decision, as the current Marlins group might be hesitant to trade away major league pieces in an attempt to rebuild.