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Don Mattingly seems to be done with the Marlins’ losing ways

He doesn’t get this mad often.

St Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Marlins manager Don Mattingly has his own specific style, and it almost never has been to be fiery, like Ozzie Guillen was, for example. The last two days, that’s changed.

Mattingly was ejected from Tuesday night’s loss to the Cardinals after seemingly sticking up for Christian Yelich, who was also tossed in the first inning. It was the second time in as many nights Mattingly exited a game prematurely.

Mattingly seems to be over it. The Marlins are struggling, having lost 11 of 14 entering play Wednesday. They’ve also been plagued by injuries. Perhaps Mattingly’s behavior could spark a Marlins winning streak.

While the strike zone Tuesday was questionable, arguing balls and strikes is almost always subjective. Managers and player pretty much never win.

Yelich knew that, and Mattingly knew it too. But for a team that could find itself at the bottom of the National League East standings with a few more losses, this could be a wake-up call.