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Marlins vs Cardinals: Game 33 Thread

Lynn vs Koehler

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Place your Icthyomancy picks here before the start of the game!

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Pitching Matchup

Team Pitcher 2017 ERA 2017 FIP 2017 ZiPS Projected ERA
STL Lance Lynn 2.04 4.09 3.87
MIA Tom Koehler 5.40 6.78 4.77

Though it may feel like the Marlins are the worst team in baseball right now, there are actually five teams with worse records (by a game) and three teams with the same loss total. They are within spitting distance of the middle of the pack, which is where they need to be to keep up wild card hopes. It's not even mid-May yet. Yes, things have not looked good, but the proverbial "it's early" still very much applies.

Now, things continue to look this ugly in late June? Fetch me that white flag.

Thread Question:

Will Don Mattingly get ejected today?