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Sporcle Sunday (wait, what?): Can you name every Marlins Opening Day lineup since 1993?

A little (ok, a large) test of your Marlins knowledge

Photo: Alex Brandon/AP

Ed. Note: This was originally posted at the beginning of last season but with THIS season right around the corner, figured it was the appropriate time to reheat it. Enjoy! - TB

Alright Marlins fans, it is time to put on your thinking caps. This quiz is about to test your fandom. This Sporcle quiz is asking you to name every Marlins Opening Day lineup since the team’s first season in 1993. You will have 15 minutes to complete the quiz. There are 225 players that you can name. Here is a direct link to the quiz.

Helpful hint: If you’re going to post answers in the comments, try using the spoiler icon to hide it, in case someone happens along who hasn’t had a chance to take the quiz yet.