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Fanpost: Ranking your most favorite to least favorite baseball teams

Our first Fanpost prompt!

Detroit Tigers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Carrying around a lot of hate in your heart is typically not considered a healthy human attribute. If you’re bitter on a wide variety of subjects, you might consider seeing a professional about that.

Sports-specific hatred, on the other hand, is the fire that helps fuel passion and excitement surrounding the game of baseball. We all have teams that, like Peter Griffin, grinds our gears.

I want to hear about yours, dear Fish Stripes reader. Which teams do Marlins fans hate most? Which teams garner a bit of empathy and maybe even warm fuzzy feelings?

Create a Fanpost and rank all 30 teams for us, from your most favorite to least, or vice versa.

Tell us WHY you ranked them where you did. You may notice that I turned off comments for this article. The point is to make a Fanpost and drum up some discussion there.

If I feel we’ve gathered enough data, I will compile the results in a week or so and tell you what we have in common. As you can see from the article’s lead image, I suspect that one team may top many people’s least favorites. Then again, there wasn’t always baseball in South Florida and as Dylan Goldman told us in his interview earlier in the week, you had to root for someone.

I wont pretend that this is an original idea of mine. Friend and fellow SBN blogger Maija Varda ran this series on Twinkie Town with much success and it has since been duplicated across the network. I waited to launch our own because I wanted to give a larger crowd the potential to weigh in. The more people that participate, the more interesting the results will be, so don’t be shy!

I have kicked things off with my own list in the Fanposts, which you can find here.

Have fun!