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Derek Jeter interested in purchasing the Marlins

Oh, and some guy named Jeb Bush too.

Photo: Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Legendary Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter has always talked about owning a baseball team, and he appears to be interested in purchasing the Marlins. According to a report by the Fox Business Network, there are three groups that are interested in buying the Marlins, and Jeter’s group happens to be one of them.

Marlins owner Jeffery Loria has tried to sell the team a couple different times over the past few months. When Loria had a “handshake agreement” to sell the team with February, it was reported by Forbes that he was willing to sell the Marlins for $1.6 billion.

According to Baseball Reference, Jeter earned $265 million in salary over his 20-year career. Jeter is being represented by former Morgan Stanley brokerage chief Gregory Fleming. Jeter created The Players’ Tribune website, and he started a publishing company called Jeter Publishing.

Another candidate said to be interested in buying the Marlins is former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Bush also launched a presidential campaign in 2016 which ultimately failed. Bush is partnering with Citigroup for the negotiations. Bush’s brother, George W. Bush, owned the Texas Rangers before he became president. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred must approve any sale before it becomes official.