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Meet the Fish Stripes staff: Dylan Goldman

A quick-hitting interview with a random staff member, just because we can.

Fish Stripes SB Nation United

Ed. Note: We’re going to be running this feature sporadically throughout the season to give you, our beloved readers, a better idea of who’s writing here at Fish Stripes. We kick things off with utility blogger Dylan Goldman - TB

Q: What do you do for Fish Stripes?

I mostly write recaps for Fish Stripes, but I’ve also contributed news pieces and Marlins Morning News articles.

Q: Where do you live presently?

Dylan: I currently reside in Weston, Florida, about 45 minutes from Marlins Park.

Q: How did you become a Marlins fan?

Dylan: Before the Marlins, there wasn’t any professional baseball in Miami. I always loved baseball, and I had to root for the Braves before there was a team in Miami.

When the Marlins came around, I was so excited to have baseball in South Florida. Since the teams inaugural season, I’ve rooted for the Marlins. Through the ups and the downs, I’ve chosen to cheer for the Marlins ever since they began play in South Florida.

Q: What is your favorite Florida/Miami Marlins moment?

Dylan: My favorite moment by far is Edgar Renteria’s game-winning single to win the 1997 World Series. That was obviously the Marlins first World Series, and it happened only a few years after they became a team. It was incredible to witness the Marlins winning their first World Series, especially after they were a wild card team.

Another one of my favorite moments is when Pudge Rodriguez managed to not lose the ball when J.T. Snow barreled into him, and the Marlins would win the NLDS after that phenomenal play.

Q: I know you’re a season ticket holder. How long have you held season tickets for and what is your favorite thing about Marlins Park?

Dylan: I’ve had season tickets since Marlins Park opened. I like Marlins Park because it’s unique. It has the home run sculpture, the fish tank behind home plate, the bobblehead museum, and the Clevelander area in the outfield. There really isn’t one ballpark quite like Marlins Park. Also, it’s very easy to like Marlins Park when you’ve been to games at the old Dolphins stadium. Overall, it’s a unique place, and it’s a great place to watch a game.

Q: Best place to eat in Marlins Park?

Dylan: I happen to think that Taste of Miami is quite delicious. There are a few restaurants located here, and it has a lot of Miami flair. They have great nachos, and they have some very quality Latin food as well. There aren’t many great food choices, but this location has some tremendous food with a local flair. Also, this isn’t food, but Diamond Juice has some fantastic smoothies. I highly recommend going there if you want a drink.

Q: What is your experience in writing and in baseball? How did you get to where you are today?

Dylan: I’ve always thought that journalism and beat writing looked interesting, but I never got into it until a couple of years ago. I got a direct message on Twitter asking if I wanted to write for a site, and I wondered if it was spam. In the end, I wrote for that site for about a year and it sparked my interest in writing. I have written for a ton of sports websites ever since, and I wanted to try to up my level by applying to write for SB Nation. Other than Fish Stripes, I didn’t do a lot of writing about baseball, but I did blog about a lot of other sports. That practice allowed me to be where I am today at Fish Stripes.

Thanks to Dylan for taking the time to answer some questions about himself and his Marlins fandom. Check out Dylan’s latest piece for us previewing the Marlins bullpen, and follow Dylan on twitter @djgoldman35 if twitter be your thing.