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There is another group bidding to buy the Marlins

At least one report says so.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Despite reports suggesting a group led by former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush won the bidding to purchase the Marlins, commissioner Rob Manfred said there are still two groups involved in the process, according to Tim Healey of The Sun Sentinel.

“There are multiple bidders for the Marlins,” Manfred said Thursday at the groundbreaking for the Jackie Robinson Museum in New York. “There is no agreement in place. We're working with more than one group, and when we have a definitive agreement we'll make an announcement.”

Asked about the timeline, Manfred responded: “The timeline is relatively short; it would be measured in days, not months.”

The news is notable because it seemed the team was prepared to move forward in talks with the Jeter and Bush group based on reports earlier this week. A last minute offer might have altered the process.

While Manfred notably commented on the situation, it seems there could be concern with how the winning group will pay for the team, which reportedly will be sold for $1.3 billion. Owners collectively have to approve the deal, and it seems that will happen. Still, it’s unclear where the Jeter-led group’s funding is coming from.

The group should have enough financial resources to complete the transaction, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, but the fact Manfred made a public comment might suggest otherwise.

Nonetheless, it seems the new owners will be revealed sooner rather than later.