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Marlins Morning News: Marlins rained out, but sun shines on Miami anyway

Jeter and Jeb team up to buy team; Fish might need to find a place for Rojas; Lefty coming to bullpen soon

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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Marlins News

No matter that last night’s game was postponed, no sir. Marlins fans have plenty to clap about because the Jeters are coming! The Jeters are coming! With the Jebs! Yes indeed, Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush won the auction to buy the Marlins.

As you can imagine, opinions abound. Don Mattingly offered his thoughts. Ken Rosenthal put together a bit of a pros and cons list. The Miami Herald pulled no punches in lauding the news, while the Sun Sentinel gave more background and the mayor’s perspective on the deal. The Sentinel also said that the new ownership now needs to win. The players themselves offered nothing but high praise. CBS had this roundup of the best tweets.

In other Marlins news, we at Fish Stripes aren’t the only ones speculating that Miguel Rojas ought to be an everyday infielder. Here’s how Dan Straily used data to revive his career. And for those clamoring for a lefty in the bullpen, you’re about to get your wish.

Around the League

Your new favorite non-Marlin, the BrewersEric Thames, kept mashing last night, setting a club record. He’s also leading the league in getting tested for PED’s. He’s up to 11 homers on the year already, to go with three drug tests.

Tuesday was a day for superheroes: the Brewers have Thames, a.k.a. “god”, the Marlins just got their Batman and Robin, and apparently the Blue Jays have Superman. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Chris Coghlan!

The Dodgers promoted their top prospect (and number ten overall), Cody Bellinger last night. Jose Altuve was involved in a scary collision on the field, but he expects to play tomorrow.

In game action, Pittsburgh’s Gerrit Cole looked good striking out eight and giving up only one unearned run in seven innings…but that Pirates defense struck again! Maybe the best defense is a good offense, and they should take a cue from their Somalian counterparts.

Ervin Santana, the lone Major Leaguer to follow me on Twitter (shameless self-promotion), is perhaps not coincidentally baseball’s hottest pitcher, going seven innings versus the Rangers and surrendering just one run on Tuesday to move to 4-0. You can follow me too and see what happens.