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Marlins vs. Braves: Game 7 Thread

Home opener against the hated Braves!

Everyone's new favorite player.
Everyone's new favorite player.
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**Place your Icthyomancy picks here before the start of the game!**

Icthyomancy explainer

Note: I started tallying up Icthy scores yesterday and, predictably, it took me a lot longer than I thought it would. I will have updated standings soon. In the meanwhile, keep 'em coming.

Pitching Matchup

Team Pitcher 2017 ERA 2017 FIP 2017 ZiPS Projected ERA
MIA Dan Straily 13.50 8.70 4.28
ATL Bartolo Colon 1.50 3.66 4.20

I don't care what team he's on, Bartolo Colon is a delight.

The good news for Dan Straily is that he set the bar so low in his debut that he has nowhere to go for this start but upwards.

Today's Lineups

Ender Inciarte - CF Dee Gordon - 2B
Dansby Swanson - SS J.T. Realmuto - C
Freddie Freeman - 1B Christian Yelich - CF
Nick Markakis - RF Giancarlo Stanton - RF
Adonis Garcia - 3B Justin Bour - 1B
Brandon Phillips - 2B Marcell Ozuna - LF
Tyler Flowers - C Derek Dietrich - 3B
Emilio Bonifacio - LF J.T. Riddle - SS
Bartolo Colon - RHP Dan Straily - RHP

JT Riddle makes his Major League debut, batting eighth at SS. The Marlins make MLB history tonight as the only team ever to feature two JTs in a lineup (Note: Not sure if true).

Question of the day:

Who was your favorite 1997 Florida Marlins player?

**Be like BULLieving in Miami and rank your favorite to least favorite MLB teams in a Fanpost!**

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