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Kushners unlikely involved in buying Marlins

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It’s unlikely Charles Kushner buys the team, though.

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UPDATE — Charles Kushner is not involved in talks to purchase the Marlins from Jeffrey Loria, according to FanRag Sports’ Jon Heyman.

ORIGINAL — Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria reportedly has a “handshake agreement” to sell the team, and the Kushner family is among the parties in talks to acquire the Miami-based franchise, according to Bloomberg.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell first linked Charles Kushner, who is Ivanka Trump’s father in law, to the Marlins earlier this afternoon. It’s unlikely MLB owners would approve Kushner, according to FanRag Sports’ Jon Heyman, but his sons could end up purchasing the team.

Major League Baseball must directly be informed of discussions with regard to the sale of one of its franchises, and according to a statement released Thursday afternoon (via Rovell), Kushner has not yet been formally linked to the organization:

There could be several other individuals or groups interested in buying the Marlins, and it’s unclear if Kushner was the unnamed real estate owner Forbes reported had agreed to purchase the club. Regardless of who buys the Marlins, a sale does not seem imminent.

The sale requires approval and “takes months,” according to Heyman.