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Marlins Twitter reacts

The response from the community

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greatest things about being a sports fan in the 21st century is the opportunity to interact with a community of fans from all across the world over twitter. The group that makes up Marlins Twitter is a small yet dynamic unit, and they wasted no time getting to the keyboard with some hot takes once the news broke this morning.

The ever controversial @RealMarlinsFan launched a quick poll to gauge what the popular opinion is of who the new owner would be.

It’s early, and this is the most unscientific of polls but the majority of Fish fans seem to think we’ll be getting presidential in the near future. Remember that in addition to being the President, Trump also fits the description of a real estate developer from New York.

Overall, I’d say that the fan base can be split into three camps.

Jubilation that Loria is likely on the way out.

Skepticism that the deal exists.

And, fear that the new owner will be just as bad as Loria.

The wise food container @BoxofLunch took the opportunity to point out the time frame that deals generally exist in.

This is true, regardless of when Loria sells he will still own the team for the remainder of 2017 at least, while the paperwork is being done.

Another hope that was going around was for the return of the old colors and uniforms.

I must confess I share this wish whole heartily. The Fruit Punch is a mess, it’s time to give up on it.

Finally, some fans took the opportunity to question whether those in Miami who use Loria as an excuse for not supporting the team would be forced to come back.

That remains to be seen.