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Marlins fans get a “dare to dream” moment

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Imagine the possibilities

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Imagine an owner passionate about winning above all else.

Imagine a payroll limited only by the ebb and flow of the free agent market in any given year.

Imagine a front office filled with smart baseball people ready and willing to use the latest statistics to give the Marlins a competitive edge.

Imagine a minor league system stacked to the brim with promising young talent.

Imagine an international scouting department that is a leader in bringing in talent from around the world.

Imagine coaches capable of creating an atmosphere both conducive to learning AND fun; coaches capable of bringing out the best in a player, of properly identifying their strengths and weaknesses and utilizing them on a game to game basis.

Imagine a clubhouse that players from other teams would kill to be a part of.

Imagine Miami as the destination spot it deserves to be, a place where players want to play, and stay.

Imagine Hall of Fame players going into Cooperstown with a Miami cap on; first one, then many.

Imagine Miami as a baseball-first town (yes, given time, it could happen).

Imagine flipping on the TV, landing on SportsCenter, and seeing the Marlins on a regular basis. Not as the butt of jokes, but as a model franchise, a consistent winner.

Imagine a balanced roster capable of driving deep into the playoffs for years on end.

Imagine a stadium packed to the gills with a revitalized, passionate fan base.

Imagine being the envy of the baseball world.

Maybe this doesn’t happen. Maybe Loria has given us all the classic head-fake.

Or maybe it’s only a matter of time.