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Fish Tales #3: The ‘Golden Baseball’

Marlins Entice Fans With a $1 Million Prize

*DISCLAIMER* The Fish Tales Series is False

Miami Marlins First to Introduce the ‘Golden Baseball’ Opportunity

The Marlins were ranked 27th out of 30 in overall attendance during the 2016 season, with an average of 21,405 per game, according to ESPN’s MLB Attendance Report. Although they were not in last, the Marlins have been brainstorming ideas to encourage more fan attendance and involvement. Many baseball parks have implemented special themed nights, such as Military Appreciation night, Star Wars night, Fireworks night, and various other themes. These themed nights have had great turnouts, and have been a great way to show support and fandom for many, however that only covers a small amount of games over the long baseball season. The Marlins organization has now come up with a way to entice fans to not only come to the games, but possibly change their lives forever. So what is the grand idea to get people in the seats?


What is the ‘Golden Baseball’?

The ‘Golden Baseball’ looks and feels just like an official Rawlings baseball. The only difference is the color, which is gold.

How does it work?

The ‘Golden Baseball’ will be pitched out by the opposing team to the Marlins lead off hitter in the 7th inning for the entire at bat. If the Marlins player hits a Home Run out of the park, and a lucky fan catches the ball they will win $1,000,000!!! Simple, right?

There are a few rules:

  • If the batter grounds out, pops out, strikes out or simply gets an infield hit, nobody wins.
  • If the opposing pitcher intentionally walks the batter, then the ‘Golden Baseball’ will be re-used for the next batter.
  • If the batter hits a Home Run and it lands in an area without people, then a random seat will be selected and shown on the jumbotron. The lucky person who’s seat was selected will have to show their ticket as verification.
  • The ‘Golden Baseball’ winner will be escorted out, and will be able to continue to watch the game in a special Suite.


Why throw the ‘Golden Baseball’ during the 7th Inning?

This will keep fans involved throughout the game, and will offer an exciting opportunity after the 7th inning stretch.

How often are ‘Golden Baseballs’ thrown?

One ‘Golden Baseball’ will be thrown out during every home game in the 7th inning.

What are the chances of winning?

If Giancarlo Stanton is up at bat to lead off the Marlins in the 7th inning, then the chances are pretty good. According to, Stanton averages 14.33 AB per HR which ranks first among all active players. The Marlins also have several other players who are more than capable of hitting the long ball. Sitting in the outfield sections will give you the best chance to win, however everyone in Marlin’s Park will have a chance if the ball is hit in an area where no one sits (center field area).

Will this lead to altercations in the stands?

There will be increased security during the ‘Golden Baseball’ pitch.

*All rules and payout information will be finalized prior to the first regular season home game.


*The Fish Tales series is FALSE, and the ‘Golden Baseball’ is unfortunately not real... But what do you think of the idea? Do you think it would bring more fans to the stadium? What other kinds of promotions would bring people into the ballpark?