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Here we are again talking about Barry Bonds’ work ethic

But the Giants are considering adding him as a hitting instructor.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When the Marlins fired Barry Bonds at the end of the 2016 season, there were some questions with regard to his work ethic.

Some reports suggested he wasn’t the hardest of workers. Others suggested he didn’t depend much on video, a vital part of preparation as technology continues to advance. Nonetheless, you probably thought we were done talking about the Bonds experiment.

But here we are, as pitchers and catchers get ready to report, talking about Bonds’ worth ethic again.

The Marlins hired Mike Pagliarulo to take Bonds’ spot, and according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, they believe the addition of another not-Bonds hitting coach alone will help upgrade the offense:

They believe new hitting coach Mike Pagliarulo will be a huge upgrade over Barry Bonds. Some members of the coaching staff didn’t believe Bonds worked hard enough and that more video instruction is needed.

Miami didn’t sign a major position player this winter, and according to Jackson, that was by design. The Marlins are confident in their core, and if it can remain healthy, it probably can compete with the best lineups in the National League. The thought that a new hitting coach to complement Frank Menechino will make a significant difference is notable.

Regardless, Bonds could be coaching again this spring, as the Giants seem interested in having him serve as a hitting instructor during spring training. If it goes well, Bonds might help minor leaguers throughout the season.

It’s still a story because Miami’s offense wasn’t as productive as it should have been in 2016, but Bonds is not the only one to blame. Still, he might be coaching again in 2017, even if the Giants have been warned.