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Fish Bites Podcast: Aram talks Stanton sweepstakes with Grant Brisbee, Eric Stephen and Tyler Kinzy

Representing the major players in the quest for Stanton.

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

The Fish Stripes podcast is back and we’ve got some great guests for you this time. On deck:

  • Grant Brisbee, if you are somehow unaware, is the longtime McCovey Chronicles managing editor and a national baseball writer for SB Nation. Aram and Grant break down the possibilities revolving around the San Francisco Giants, who have been major players throughout the Stanton sweepstakes. You can follow Grant Brisbee on twitter @mccoveychron.
  • Next up, Eric Stephen, the managing editor of True Blue LA and also a national baseball writer at SB Nation, talks about the potential of Giancarlo Stanton landing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. You can follow Eric Stephen on twitter @truebluela.
  • Last but certainly not least, Tyler Kinzy of Viva El Birdos talks St. Louis Cardinals, who very much want to be the new home of one Mr. Stanton. You can follow Tyler Kinzy on twitter @Tyler_Opinion.

If the podcast embed fails to materialize for you above, simply follow this link to listen to the podcast. Thanks to all three guests for their time and insight, and check back in frequently with us here at Fish Stripes for all your Marlins needs!