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LISTEN: Fish Stripes joins the Sully Baseball podcast

Fish Stripes editor Ely Sussman gives his expanded take on the past, present and uncertain future of the franchise.

Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

As the most active team of the 2017-2018 MLB offseason, the Miami Marlins have been receiving extra national attention.

It’s been a blessing and a curse. Baseball pundits who are detached from the Fish feel compelled to spread bad takes about the situation. On the other hand, the news and rumors bring extra eyeballs to this site and present fun opportunities for our staff!

Earlier this month, editor Ely Sussman appeared on the Sully Baseball podcast with host Paul Francis “Sully” Sullivan. The initial conversation touched on the Marlins’ past (Jose Fernandez, Jeffrey Loria, etc.), present (leading trade candidates Christian Yelich and J.T. Realmuto) and future under the Derek Jeter/Bruce Sherman regime. The second part—also posted below—focused more specifically on the fans’ perspective.

Listen to Ely and Sully right here, or find the episodes wherever you normally prefer to get your podcasts: