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Marlins morning news: New chapter begins

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Derek Jeter is now officially an owner of the Miami Marlins, and many tough decisions lie ahead for the legendary shortstop. Plus links on Giancarlo Stanton and an integral part of Marlins Park.

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Marlins News

Day one of the off-season for Miami started with the official handover of ownership from Jeffrey Loria to Derek Jeter, Bruce Sherman and Co. There was no ceremony, just a signing of the contract behind closed doors, but the new owners may hold a press conference as soon as today. It is unlikely that they will reveal their roster plans right away, though, meaning that the uncertainty surrounding the team may keep baseball in limbo until the World Series is over, at least.

Jeter and Sherman face difficult decisions about the future direction of the franchise, particularly with the core players who had career years, but may cost too much to keep around if the goal is to cut payroll to a more manageable level.

The first round of player moves took place yesterday, but it was the bobblehead museum, not the 40-man roster, that took a big hit.

Look away now if you do not want to consider where Giancarlo Stanton could be playing next season if the Marlins decide to rebuild.

Around the League

The best way to predict the future is to look to the past. With that being said, how does the playoff field compare to past World Series winners?

Only been focusing on Marlins baseball? Well here is how the ten playoff teams built the rosters which have led them to the playoffs.

Justin Verlander has been spectacular for the Astros since they acquired him from Detroit in August, and he could now start Houston's first game against the Red Sox in the ALDS.

Expert predictions are in for the entire 2017 playoffs, and there is a strong favorite.

John Coppolella has resigned from his position as GM of the Braves after it emerged that the team was being investigated by MLB due to potential violations of international signing rules.

The Royals have fired their pitching and bench coaches after another sub-par season considering that they made back-to-back World Series appearances just two years ago.