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Marlins Press Conference: Jeter and Sherman introduce themselves

A new day has dawned in Miami

MLB: Houston Astros at New York Yankees Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The twin faces of the Miami Marlins new ownership group formally introduced themselves to various assembled media members Tuesday morning. Derek Jeter (once captain of the Yankees and now commander of the good ship Marlins) and Bruce Sherman (the control person with a 49% ownership stake), fielded questions about everything from attendance to Giancarlo Stanton’s future with the ball club.

Jeter, who also released an article on his Player’s Tribune website earlier today talking about his connection to Miami, largely did the talking.

On the Marlins fan base

“Fans are our number one priority.”

“We believe in this market. We believe in this fan base. We are focused on bringing the fans back.”

On Potential Rebuilding

Someone asked Jeter about a tear down. Jeter said he didn’t like the phrase “tear down,” but that some of the moves they made would be unpopular. He asked the fans for patience in this process.

“We do have to rebuild an organization. It starts with player development, scouting. You have to be strong in those areas.”

On Giancarlo Stanton

“I don’t know him well, I haven’t spoken with him. Anything we’ll going to do moving forward with the organization we’ll discuss with Mike.”

Jeter also spoke about Don Mattingly and the coaching staff, praising them but refusing to comment on whether they’d be back next season. Jeter also smoothly avoided discussing specifics about Ichiro, Stanton’s future, the home run sculpture, and the potential of a logo/color scheme change, often repeating “it’s day one.” They wrapped up the session by taking photographs. Jeter also posted a fun montage on the Player’s Tribune.

All and all, an interesting event if not entirely revealing. We already knew, for example, that Jeter and company were intent on cleaning house organizationally based upon what they’ve already done, but the nuts and bolts of what their vision is for the actual club on the field remains somewhat of a mystery. The days and months to come will be the real indicators on what direction the Miami Marlins are about to be steered in.