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Quick 2017 MLB Playoff Predictions

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Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Fish Stripes staff!

American League Wild Card Game - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Say what?!
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Ed. Note: These were supposed to be wrapped up inside a larger “who to root for” article, but life intrudes into the blogging biz sometimes so I decided to get these out and come back to the larger piece tomorrow, by which time the field will have shrunk by one. Feel free to come back and let us know how wrong some of us were! - TB

AL Wild Card:

Minnesota Twins - Jesse Nieves, Michael Stephenson

New York Yankees - Thomas Bennett, Ely Sussman, Daniel Smith, Mitch Custer, Dylan Goldman, Seth Guttman

NL Wild Card:

Colorado Rockies - Ely

Arizona Diamondbacks - Thomas, Daniel, Mitch, Dylan, Jesse, Michael, Seth

ALDS #1:

Houston Astros - Unanimous

Boston Red Sox - Nope

ALDS #2:

Minnesota Twins - Nuh-uh

New York Yankees - Ely

Cleveland Indians - Thomas, Daniel, Mitch, Dylan, Jesse, Michael, Seth

NLDS #1:

Washington Nationals - Ely, Mitch, Dylan, Jesse

Chicago Cubs - Thomas, Daniel, Michael, Seth

NLDS #2:

Colorado Rockies - Sorry

Arizona Diamondbacks - Dylan

Los Angeles Dodgers - Thomas, Ely, Daniel, Mitch, Jesse, Michael, Seth


New York Yankees - Unfortunately not

Houston Astros - Daniel, Jesse

Cleveland Indians - Thomas, Ely, Mitch, Dylan, Michael, Seth


Arizona Diamondbacks: Not at this juncture

Washington Nationals: Ely, Dylan

Chicago Cubs: Michael

Los Angeles Dodgers: Thomas, Daniel, Mitch, Jesse, Seth

World Series:

Cleveland Indians over Los Angeles Dodgers: Thomas

Washington Nationals over Houston Astros: Ely

Los Angeles Dodgers over Houston Astros: Daniel, Seth

Los Angeles Dodgers over Cleveland Indians: Mitch

Cleveland Indians over Washington Nationals: Dylan

Houston Astros over Los Angeles Dodgers: Jesse

Cleveland Indians over Chicago Cubs: Michael

World Series MVP:

Thomas, Michael: Corey Kluber

Ely: Ryan Zimmerman

Daniel: Yu Darvish

Mitch, Seth: Clayton Kershaw

Dylan: Francisco Lindor

Jesse: Cody Bellinger

Well...who ya got?