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Marlins Dee Gordon, Marcell Ozuna, Giancarlo Stanton are 2017 Gold Glove Award finalists

The winners will be announced during an ESPN special on Nov. 7.

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The Miami Marlins didn’t perform well enough collectively to contend for a World Series title, but at least they can fill up the trophy case with some individual hardware. A day after Giancarlo Stanton received his Hank Aaron Award, Stanton (right field), Dee Gordon (second base) and Marcell Ozuna (left field) have been named Rawlings Gold Glove finalists. Winners will be announced on Nov. 7.

How do these three stack up against finalists from the other National League teams? Gordon and Ozuna, in particular, seem to have legitimate shots to win at their respective positions. Stanton also showed a great combination of consistency, durability and athletic plays, but he’s likely a tier below the NL’s other elite right fielders (Jason Heyward and Yasiel Puig).

NL Gold Glove Finalists—Second Base

Player Team Innings DRS UZR/150 SDI*
Player Team Innings DRS UZR/150 SDI*
Dee Gordon Marlins 1293.1 3 7.3 4.5
DJ LeMahieu Rockies 1302.0 8 3.4 7.2
Ben Zobrist Cubs 541.2 5 8.5 4.4
Source: FanGraphs

NL Gold Glove Finalists—Left Field

Player Team Innings DRS UZR/150 SDI*
Player Team Innings DRS UZR/150 SDI*
Adam Duvall Reds 1277.1 8 5.5 0.7
Marcell Ozuna Marlins 1335.0 11 2.9 5.4
Gerardo Parra Rockies 654.1 4 13.7 N/A
Source: FanGraphs

NL Gold Glove Finalists—Right Field

Player Team Innings DRS UZR/150 SDI*
Player Team Innings DRS UZR/150 SDI*
Jason Heyward Cubs 919.0 18 10.3 10.9
Yasiel Puig Dodgers 1201.2 18 15.5 8.0
Giancarlo Stanton Marlins 1312.1 10 7.1 4.5
Source: FanGraphs
*SABR Defensive Index (SDI) updated through Aug. 27

Rawlings began awarding Gold Gloves in 1957, but has revised the voting process several times over the years. The current setup—in effect since 2013—relies primarily on MLB managers and coaches, who vote from a pool of qualified players in their respective league, but not for players on their own team. Their selections account for 75 percent of the total vote. The SABR Defensive Index (SDI) uses metrics based on batted ball and play-by-play information to make its own recommendations, accounting for the remaining 25 percent.

This season, the Marlins had “qualified” players at every position except shortstop; with 678 innings in the field, Miguel Rojas didn’t quite get enough action to be considered (Rawlings’ minimum for infielders and outfielders was 698 innings).

Gordon was Miami’s most recent Gold Glove winner in his breakout 2015 campaign. But overall, there hasn’t been much love for Marlins over the past decade.

Marlins Gold Glove Winners, 1993-2016

Player Year Position
Player Year Position
Dee Gordon 2015 2B
Christian Yelich 2014 OF
Mark Buehrle 2012 P
Luis Castillo 2003-2005 2B
Mike Lowell 2005 3B
Derrek Lee 2003 1B
Charles Johnson* 1995-1998 C
Source: Baseball-Reference
*Charles Johnson played for both the Marlins and Dodgers during the 1998 season

What’s were your favorite defensive highlights from Gordon, Ozuna and Stanton in 2017? Let us know in the comments.