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Giancarlo Stanton Talked about Derek Jeter and Unwashed Underwear with Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

A fun show last night revealed Stanton might not mind wearing Dodger blue

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The dapper Giancarlo Stanton sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night and discussed Derek Jeter, hitting home runs, his monster contract, and potentially being traded.

First off, how has Jeter not spoke with Giancarlo yet? For a man with two iPads and the title of CEO, not speaking with your biggest asset seems bananas to me. Just say hello. Ask him where he gets his cowboy hats. Drop him a text telling him he looked quite handsome on Kimmel. Send him a card that says thanks for one of the most prolific offensive seasons in recent baseball memory and how grateful you are for his trade value being the highest its ever been. You know...things a regular boss says.

One of the biggest takeaways from the whole interview for me was the Mets hate. Kimmel, a Mets fan, mentioned that Giancarlo would look good in a Mets uniform. Stanton shook his head and responded, “I like beating up on the Mets.” If you design cheap, comfortable T-shirts for a living, print this one and I’ll buy a baker’s dozen. There are few things I adore in life more than beating up on the Mets.

Kimmel and Stanton also hit on what it was like to miss hitting 60 home runs and how his underwear habits assisted him. Imagine what that would be like in a regular career.

“Jim, you’ve been crushing your sales numbers this last quarter, any tricks of the trade you’d like to share with the rest of the office?”

“Well, as a matter of fact, I’ve eaten the same lunch, ham and whipped cream croissants, for the last month. Also, I don’t change my socks or underwear at all...unless its a little balmy.”

Overall, it was a fun interview that could be the first part in a large-scale branding campaign for Stanton. If he is traded to a bigger stage like the Boston Red Sox or (his favorite team growing up) the Los Angeles Dodgers, then he’s an overnight megastar on a scale that’s probably unobtainable in Miami. In a sly way, I think he hit on this with his aforementioned Mets comment. He definitely doesn’t want to endure another rebuild in Miami, but he also doesn’t want to be sent to a team with a recent history of struggling. If there are any oddsmakers out, I’d love to see some futures on Giancarlo being in the 2018 World Series. With this being probably the first of many steps into the national media spotlight for Stanton, we’ll keep you updated on any developments this off-season.