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Marlins vs Mets: Game 159 Thread

The final home game of the season in an emotional three game set against the Mets

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

At the same time this game is occurring, there will be a public memorial service taking place for Jose Fernandez. That should about sum up the importance of this particular contest.

The boys in black and orange and sometimes teal are just playing out the string at this point, and mercifully, it's almost over. After a travel day in which many in the organization will be in attendance at José's funeral, the Marlins will face the Washington Nationals for three in DC and then will try and close the book on one of the most painful endings to a season that any team in sports has ever had to endure.

Pitching Matchup

Team Pitcher ERA FIP Zips Projected ERA
NYM Seth Lugo 2.61 4.13 4.99
MIA Jose Urena 5.94 4.12 4.22

Lugo is a rookie who appeared in 16 games this season, making seven starts. He has a low 90's fastball and a couple of off-speed pitches (curve and slider) that he'll mix in with regularity.

Ureña suddenly has a very real shot at being a fixture in next year's rotation, though the staff will obviously take the evaluation of that notion right past this start and into the off-season.

Today's Lineups

Jose Reyes - 3B Dee Gordon - 2B
Asdrubal Cabrera - SS Marcell Ozuna - LF
Yoenis Cespedes - LF Martin Prado - 3B
Curtis Granderson - CF Christian Yelich - CF
Jay Bruce - RF Giancarlo Stanton - RF
T.J. Rivera - 2B Justin Bour - 1B
Lucas Duda - 1B Jeff Mathis - C
Rene Rivera - C Adeiny Hechavarria - SS
Seth Lugo - RHP Jose Urena - RHP

Bold Prediction: Marlins sneak one past the Mets 4-3 to take the series.