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Marlins vs Braves: Game Thread 152

Marlins look to win final season series vs the Braves

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins needed to win last night to really keep their playoff chances alive however after a 8-3 loss to the Nationals the Marlins are now four games behind three teams (Cardinals, Giants, Mets) that all share the second wildcard spot. With their playoff odds slimmed 0.7 percent at least the Marlins get to play the Braves.

While the Braves have been the worst team in MLB all year they are coming in hot after sweeping the Mets and taking a series from the Nationals. The Braves swept the Marlins in April, they were coming into the series 0-9, and took two of three games in May. The Marlins and Braves did split a series in June and July, but the Marlins haven't taken a series off the Braves at home all season. Overall the Brave shave won nine of 15 games vs the Marlins.

Jose Urena (4-7) is taking the mound for the Marlins. In his last start he gave up seven runs in two innings, but vs the Dodgers he went eight innings not allowing a run. Perhaps the work load this season has been a toll on Urena. The Braves are starting Josh Collmenter (2-0) just came over from the Cubs, in his first Braves start he allowed two in five innings vs the Nationals.

Team Pitcher ERA FIP Zips Projected ERA
ATL Josh Collmenter 4.61 5.91 4.16
MIA Jose Urena 5.59 4.38 4.51

Seemingly the Braves have nothing to play the Marlins are still contending for the playoff so look for hard fought series.