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Marlins vs. Nationals: Game 151 Thread

Game two of three against the Nats in Miami.

Solid form.
Solid form.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins are back up to .500 at 75-75 courtesy of last night's 4-3 victory over the Nats in game one. They also managed to gain a game in the wild card standings and sit four back, which would be cause for hope and excitement were there not only eleven games to play in the season including today. The San Francisco Giants seem to have forgotten that it's an even year and they're supposed to win the World Series again as they continue their freefall, but the Cardinals and Mets need but play roughly .500 ball the rest of the way out to ensure that the Fish don't make it in (and that of course would require the Marlins to go on a tremendous winning streak that they don't seem capable of at this point).

Forget all that for a moment, though: It's José Day.

Pitching Matchup

Team Pitcher ERA FIP Zips Projected ERA
WAS Tanner Roark 2.75 3.66 3.63
MIA Jose Fernandez 2.99 2.39 2.71

Sometimes I feel compelled to offer up a blurb on an opposing pitcher, and I would here, but August Fagerstrom of Fangraphs just did a swell piece on Mr. Roark that I think is worth your time if you're interested in understanding what he's been all about this season. TL;DR: Tanner Roark has been one of the best pitchers in the National League this year.

But so has José Fernàndez. This should be an excellent matchup.

Today's Lineups

Trea Turner - CF Dee Gordon - 2B
Stephen Drew - 2B Marcell Ozuna - LF
Bryce Harper - RF Martin Prado - 3B
Anthony Rendon - 3B Christian Yelich - CF
Clint Robinson - 1B Giancarlo Stanton - RF
Wilson Ramos - C Justin Bour - 1B
Brian Goodwin - LF J.T. Realmuto - C
Danny Espinosa - SS Adeiny Hechavarria - SS
Tanner Roark - RHP Jose Fernandez - RHP

Bold Prediction: Marlins edge Nationals again, 3-2.