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Old friend Dan Haren is still as funny as ever

Dan Haren’s Twitter is must-read entertainment.

Miami Marlins v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

To say I love perusing Dan Haren’s twitter would be an understatement. He is a titan of self-deprecating humor, and even his twitter handle, @ithrow88, will bring a smile to your face. Haren only spent a short time with the Miami Marlins after being acquired via trade from the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2015, but his tenure with the team wasn’t without drama.

Upon being traded from the Dodgers, Haren considered retirement because Miami’s beaches and warmth reminded him nothing of southern California he did not want to move far away from his family. Marlins’ fans opinions of Haren may still be mixed due to the drama his potential retirement created, but I would urge anyone who still feels random, deep, unexplained negative feelings toward Haren to read his twitter.

With the MLB trade deadline approaching earlier this week, Haren revisited his own trade experience from 2015 in hilarious fashion:

For those of you that don’t remember, the Marlins traded Haren to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for prospects Elliot Soto and Ivan Pineyro after he posted a 3.42 ERA with a 4.62 FIP prior to the deadline. This was the fifth time that Haren had been traded during his career. He retired from baseball at the end of 2015, but has been active on twitter since.

Check below for another hilarious rant from Haren back in January: