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Marlins don’t find Giancarlo Stanton’s injury funny

Miami isn’t laughing.

New York Mets v Miami Marlins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Any injury in any sport typically isn’t funny, and with Giancarlo Stanton expected to be sidelined for the remainder of the year with a Grade 3 groin strain, the Marlins aren’t laughing.

Miami is competing with the Cardinals, Mets, Dodgers and Pirates for one of two Wild Card spots in the National League, but things haven’t gone well for the Mets of late.

On Monday night, the two teams went at it via Twitter. The conversation started with a fan requesting a GIF of Marlins ace Jose Fernandez:

The Marlins complied, but then this happened:

Miami knows David Wright has been out for a while, and the club didn’t take kindly to the fan’s words:

And then, the Mets got involved:

Injuries are fairly common this late in the season, and both sides understand that. So, instead of making another comment, the Marlins ended the conversation by wishing their division rival the best: