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Miami Marlins' Jeffrey Loria 'has a big heart'

Loria helped out.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Miami Marlins

Jeffrey Loria often gets linked to fire sale trades and salary dumps, but Marlins Manager Don Mattingly wants you to know he has a big heart.

Infielder Derek Dietrich was forced to stay in Atlanta overnight after being hit by a foul ball. He didn't have to search for a flight back to Miami, though, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

After Dietrich recently stayed overnight in Atlanta after being hit by a foul ball, Jeffrey Loria, “stopped in Atlanta to get him and [brought him back to Miami] on his flight, his plane,” Mattingly said. “A lot of those things get overlooked. I know he takes a lot of criticism. But I think he's a really good guy and has a big heart.”

More often than not, those things do get overlooked. And without Mattingly mentioning it, it's not something that would have been made public. Kudos to Miami's owner in this situation.