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Heroes And Zeroes: Mets 6, Marlins 2

Miami pitching gave up three home runs as Miami's offense only mustered one.

Chicago White Sox v New York Mets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images


James Loney (NYM) +27.6%

Loney batted seventh and played first base for the Mets. He fouled out with nobody on to end the second (-1.1%), then with a man on first and two outs in the fourth he singled to center (+2.0%). In the seventh inning, he hit a two-run homer with nobody out (+26.8%) to give the Mets a 4-2 lead. He hit a sacrifice fly for the first out of the ninth, moving Wilmer Flores to third base (-0.1%).

Christian Yelich (MIA) +18.7% (LAST 10 #1 HERO)

Yelich batted third out of left field for the Marlins, and started out his night by grounding out to shortstop to end the first inning (-1.0%). He struck out to end the third (-1.0%), then doubled Martin Prado over to third with one out in the sixth (+15.5%). He closed his statline with a one-out single to left field in the eighth (+5.1%).

Wilmer Flores (NYM) +18.2%

Flores batted sixth for the Mets and played first base. He struck out for the second out of the second inning (-1.6%), then knocked in Yoenis Cespedes to take the lead with two outs in the fourth with a single to right field (+11.8%). He walked (+6.0%) to lead off the seventh, scoring one batter later on Loney's round-tripper.

Almost Heroes

Noah Syndergaard (NYM) +9.3%

Asdrubal Cabrera (NYM) +9.0%

Addison Reed (NYM) +8.3%

Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) +4.9%

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) +3.9%

Yoenis Cespedes (NYM) +3.1%

Minimal Impact

Neil Walker (NYM) +2.8%

JT Realmuto (MIA) +2.4%

Jim Henderson (NYM) +1.6%

Chris Johnson (MIA) -0.1%

Juan Lagares (NYM) -0.1%

Ichiro! Suzuki (MIA) -0.3%

Justin Bour (MIA) -2.4%

Cody Hall (MIA) -2.7%

Almost Zeroes

Rene Rivera (NYM) -4.8%

Curtis Granderson (NYM) -6.8%

Martin Prado (MIA) -7.7% (LAST 10 #3 ZERO)

Tom Koehler (MIA) -7.8%

Jeff Mathis (MIA) -8.3%

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) -13.3%


Derek Dietrich (MIA) -13.5%

Dietrich led off and played second base for the Marlins. He flew out to left to open the first inning (-2.2%), singled to right to open the third (+3.2%), grounded out to start the sixth inning (-3.9%), and struck out with runners on second and third to end the seventh (-10.6%).

Michael Conforto (NYM) -18.2%

Conforto batted fifth out of left field for New York. He grounded out to lead off the second (-2.3%), hit into a double play for the first two outs of the fourth (-12.4%), struck out with a man on first for the second out of the sixth (-3.0%), and struck out looking to end the eighth (-0.6%).

Mike Dunn (MIA) -23.7% (LAST 10 #2 ZERO)

Dunn inherited one runner and a 2-2 tie when he came on in the seventh inning, then promptly gave up two runs on a James Loney home run (-26.8%). He then struck out Rene Rivera (+1.4%), allowed a Noah Syndergaard single (-1.5%), got Curtis Granderson to fly out (+1.8%), and struck out Asdrubal Cabrera (+1.5%).

Best and Worst of the Day


Marlins: Christian Yelich's one-out double which moved Martin Prado to third base in the sixth inning (+15.5%)

Mets: James Loney's two run homer in the seventh (+26.8%)


Marlins: Derek Dietrich's strikeout with two runners in scoring position to end the seventh (-10.6%)

Mets: Michael Conforto's double play grounder in the fourth inning (-12.4%)

Last 10 Games

Christian Yelich +83.5%

Nick Wittgren +58.0%

Jose Fernandez +54.2%

AJ Ramos +38.2%

Adeiny Hechavarria +28.8%

Wei-Yin Chen +28.7%

Derek Dietrich +28.5%

Chris Johnson +17.3%

Dustin McGowan +12.7%

Cole Gillespie +11.8%

Marcell Ozuna +9.8%

David Phelps +8.9%

Adam Conley +4.0%

Miguel Rojas -2.6%

Tom Koehler -6.6%

JT Realmuto -6.6%

Edwin Jackson -8.8%

Kyle Barraclough -9.1%

Justin Bour -10.9%

Giancarlo Stanton -14.3%

Jeff Mathis -16.8%

Ichiro! Suzuki -19.1%

Justin Nicolino -23.1%

Martin Prado -28.0%

Mike Dunn -46.0%

Jose Urena -64.6%


Attendance: 22,269

paolo2387: 13,000

Marlins 5-3

H: Prado, Ozuna, Stanton

Z: Dietrich, Hechavarria, Mathis (1)

Koehler QS w/6+IP, 2ER, 1HRA, 5+K & 3BB; Ichiro PH + RBI; Ramos SV (1)

2qbn: 16,420

Marlins 3-2

H: Koehler, Stanton, Dietrich

Z: Granderson, Loney, Cabrera

Stanton HR; Dietrich R+RBI; Ramos SV

Marlon D: 15,832

Marlins 6-3

H: Dietrich, Yelich, Bour (1)

Z: Stanton, Loney, Granderson

Dietrich 3+RBI; Koehler 6+IP, <7H, <6BB (2)


Marlins 7-1

H: Syndergaard, Koehler, Stanton

Z: Granderson, Duda, Lagares

Cycle; Inside the park HR; Stanton 2HR

evermoresg: 17,565 (2)

Mets 4-1 (1)

H: Syndergaard, Cespedes, Yelich (1)

Z: Flores, Stanton, Mathis

Syndergaard QS; Hechavarria + Cespedes combined .400+ OBP; Mathis H (1)

Ichthyomancy Standings

gustavopim 166

Shimmy_812 131

2qbn 119

Marlon D 103

evermoresg 102.5

Jigokusabre 88

paolo2387 59

Madrid3004 29.5

rsanchez1 28

Tomorrow at 4:05PM, get ready for the first pitch of game two as the Marlins try to make up some ground in the NL wildcard race. Get your picks in before they start throwing!