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NL West Notes: Padres stay controversial, Rockies' Estevez embraces closer role

Here's what's happening around the National League West.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After one P.R. incident earlier this season, the San Diego Padres once again find themselves in the news for the wrong reason--not that their play on the field has been any better.

The Filipino community has shown outrage towards the Padres organization in recent days, after the team hosted a "Filipino Heritage Night" that the Filipino community felt was "devalued."

First of all, San Diego scheduled the heritage night for June 4, while the actual Filipino independence day is June 12, which initially spurred backlash. Secondly, the location was changed abruptly, getting in the way of the planned activities, which included an extensive list of performers.

Lauren Garces of Silk Road Productions made it clear that she hopes the Padres gain more sensitivity to such events in the future.

Here's what else is happening around the National League West:

Carlos Estevez is fitting in nicely as the Rockies closer.

Johnny Cueto is having serious success with his cut fastball this season for the Giants.

They might be out of it this year, but the Diamondbacks still have a lot to play for.

Julio Urias continues to rack up impressive numbers for the Dodgers.

If rumors are true, San Diego could be making a trade for Wil Myers very soon.

The Giants must start to speculate which relief pitchers could have the biggest impact on their pitching staff come trading season.

The Rockies have to be patient with their prospects.

The Dodgers wasted no time in getting their new draft picks under contract.

The Diamondbacks must begin to figure out who will close for them in 2017.