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Heroes And Zeroes: Phillies 6, Marlins 5

Chris Johnson and Martin Prado had a lot of positive impact on the game, but it happened too early to stick as the Phillies came back late for a 6-5 win in Marlins Park.

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Tyler Goeddel (PHI) +27.3%

Goeddel batted seventh out of left field for the Phillies, and flew out to left in his first at bat (-1.1%) to close the second inning. He grounded out to second for the second out of the fifth (-1.4%) before making a positive impact on the game. In the sixth inning, he hit an RBI groundout, scoring Freddie Galvis and tying the score at three (+0.7%). In the eighth inning, he hit another game-tying RBI with a double, scoring Emmanuel Burris (+29.0%). He scored the eventual winning run one batter later, but more on that below.

Andres Blanco (PHI) +27.0%

Blanco pinch hit for Andrew Bailey with two outs and a man on second with a tie score in the eighth, then hit a double to score "first" hero Tyler Goeddel. (+27.0%). He stayed in the game at second base and finished at first base.

Cesar Hernandez (PHI) +26.9%

Hernandez batted second and started at second base for the Phils. He flew out to right for the second out of the opening frame (-1.5%), then hit a leadoff triple in the fourth inning (+11.7%), but was eventually stranded there. In the sixth, he hit a leadoff single that went about 65 feet down the third base-line (+4.0%), then eventually scored Philadelphia's first run of the game. He grounded out for the second out of the seventh inning, scoring Odubel Herrera (+12.6%) to give the Phillies a 4-3 lead.

Almost Heroes

Jeanmar Gomez (PHI) +19.0%

Chris Johnson (MIA) +16.2%

Martin Prado (MIA) +15.0%

Justin Nicolino (MIA) +14.4%

Freddie Galvis (PHI) +12.7%

Christian Yelich (MIA) +9.0%

Justin Bour (MIA) +8.2%

Derek Dietrich (MIA) +7.0%

Minimal Impact

Ryan Howard (PHI) +6.1%

Jose Urena (MIA) +3.5%

Hector Neris (PHI) +2.3%

Darin Ruf (PHI) +0.6%

Ichiro Suzuki (MIA) -0.2%

David Lough (PHI) -1.1%

Odubel Herrera (PHI) -3.1%

Peter Bourjos (PHI) -5.3%

Almost Zeroes

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) -6.1%

Miguel Rojas (MIA) -6.2%

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) -7.7%

JT Realmuto (MIA) -8.4%

Maikel Franco (PHI) -10.0%

Cameron Rupp (PHI) -10.7%

Aaron Nola (PHI) -12.1%

Nefi Ogando (MIA) -15.1%


Andrew Bailey (PHI) -29.5%

Bailey came on in relief of Aaron Nola to pitch the seventh inning, and after getting Adeiny Hechavarria to ground out (+4.8%), he allowed a solo jack to Chris Johnson (+24.7%) to tie the score at four. He then gave up singles to Ichiro Suzuki (-4.0%) and to Martin Prado (-5.6%) before getting lifted in favor of Hector Neris.

Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) -33.1%

Hechavarria batted eighth and played shortstop for the Marlins. At the plate, he ground out to third in the third (-2.5%), drew an intentional walk in the fourth (+0.4%), grounded out to third in the seventh (-4.8%), and struck out to end the Marlins' eighth (-3.1%). Most of the damage was incurred defensively in the sixth inning, when his throwing error allowed two Philadelphia runs (eventually three) instead of a third out (-23.2%).

David Phelps (MIA) -46.5%

Phelps pitched the eighth inning for the Marlins, and earned the loss. He faced six batters and allowed two earned runs on two hits and a walk.

Last 10 Games

Adam Conley +47.7%
Giancarlo Stanton +44.3%
Kyle Barraclough +39.2%
Christian Yelich +37.4%
Justin Bour +35.0%
Martin Prado +31.8%
Dee Gordon +27.7%
Marcell Ozuna +27.3%
AJ Ramos


Ichiro Suzuki +16.0%
Bryan Morris +15.1%
JT Realmuto +13.0%
Derek Dietrich +12.3%
Jose Urena +10.6%
Cole Gillespie +2.4%
Chris Johnson +1.4%
Nefi Ogando +0.1%
Jose Fernandez -4.4%
Justin Nicolino -7.4%
Wei-Yin Chen -7.9%
Jeff Mathis -10.4%
David Phelps -12.2%
Cody Ege -12.7%
Tom Koehler -16.1%
Miguel Rojas -33.0%
Adeiny Hechavarria -41.8%
Craig Breslow -42.9%

I made a change to the daily scoring and to the 10-day rolling average, crediting (or penalizing, as it were) the appropriate players for errors. In the adjustment, Adeiny Hechavarria was given -23.2% for his error, and that equal percentage was given to Justin Nicolino.


Actual Attendance: 19,625

Shimmy_812: 19,500
Marlins 4-2
H: Nicolino, Nola, Yelich
Z: Herrera, Stanton, Hechavarria
Nicolino QS, Nola QS, Yelich or Stanton HR

Marlon D: 18,827
Marlins 6-2
H: Nicolino, Yelich, Bour
Z: Hechavarria, Howard, Nola
Philies 3+DP, Bour HR

2qbn: 20,300
Marlins 5-2
H: Nicolino, Dietrich, Realmuto
Z: Nola, Herrera, Howard
Dietrich HR, Realmuto 3H, Nicolino 6+IP

gustavopim: 22,390
Marlins 3-1
H: Yelich, Bour, Nicolino
Z: Hechavarria, Herrera, Gomez
Ichiro 2H, Nicolino QS, Phillies 2+DP

Ichthyomancy Standings

gustavopim 78.5
Shimmy_812 74
2qbn 54
Jigokusabre 49
Marlon D 45.5

If you don't see your name listed, don't worry, I'm still tracking your picks.

Next first pitch is tomorrow night, as the Marlins kick off a three game home series against the Milwaukee Brewers. Get your picks in here before 7:10PM. If you get a minute, check out my full MLB Heroes and Zeroes at Blasting News.