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Miami Marlins suing season ticket holder?

The individual reportedly supported the team since its inaugural season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami is reportedly suing a season ticket holder for failing to pay for two seasons worth of tickets, according to Forbes' Darren Heitner.

According to Axelband’s legal counsel, Daniel J. Rose, his client bought season tickets to the Marlins in 2011 for a two year span, and “the team reneged on everything.” Rose claims that the Marlins failed to provide seats in the special lounge, as allegedly promised, for a month. After two weeks, all exclusive items promised to Axelband by the Marlins were no  longer on the table, according to Rose.

It is quite rare for a professional sports organization to sue its fans. However, if season ticket holders believed that they could relieve themselves from contractual obligations at the snap of their fingers, then it would tear apart the model of season ticket sales.

The case reportedly was filed over a year ago but has not discussed until this point. That could indicate the Marlins now have a desire to work toward a resolution.

Most notably, several documents have been requested:

Axelband has served a first request for production of documents in conjunction with his filing of a motion to dismiss the action. Among Axelband’s requests is that the Marlins provide a copy of any and all profit and loss statements for 2011 and 2012 and all financial documents, including but not limited to tax returns, state and federal for the plaintiff for 2011 and 2012.

Miami is having a fair amount of success on the field, so it's unlikely this serves as any kind of a distraction. However, it might attract the eyes of fans with interest in ending their season ticket deals.