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Heroes and Zeroes: Nationals 8, Marlins 2

Giancarlo Stanton finally got a hit, and Ichiro! got two hits closer to 3,000, but the rest of the Marlins didn't do anything to write home about in their six-run loss to the Nats on Sunday afternoon.

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Max Scherzer (WAS) +22.3%

Scherzer, a Cy Young Award winner back in 2013, struck out eight Marlins in eight strong innings, walking nobody and allowing six hits for an in-game WHIP of 0.750. He gave up two earned runs, both on Justin Bour's seventh inning home run, and got 76-of-103 pitches over the plate to earn a GameScore of 70. He raised his record on the season to 5-3 and lowered his ERA down to 3.80.

Ben Revere (WAS) +14.0%

Revere led off out of center field for the Nationals. His first two plate appearances would see him single, steal second, and score the first two runs of the game. He added two RBI in the sixth on a single to right field, taking second on a Giancarlo Stanton error.

Anthony Rendon (WAS) +10.5%

Rendon doubled to left in the third inning, knocking in Daniel Murphy for a 3-0 lead. He walked and scored in the sixth, then tripled two runners around to score in the ninth for an 8-2 lead.

Almost Zeroes

Daniel Murphy (WAS) +6.9%

Wilson Ramos (WAS) +5.4%

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) +3.0%

Minimal Impact

Chris Johnson (MIA) +1.6%

Edwin Jackson (MIA) +0.9%

Bryan Morris (MIA) +0.6%

Oliver Perez (WAS) +0.2%

Ichiro Suzuki (MIA) +0.1%

Blake Treinen (WAS) +0.1%

Danny Espinosa (WAS) -0.3%

Cole Gillespie (MIA) -0.4%

Dustin McGowan (MIA) -1.0%

Bryce Harper (WAS) -1.1%

JT Realmuto (MIA) -1.4%

Almost Zeroes

Jeff Mathis (MIA) -2.2%

Justin Bour (MIA) -2.4%

Derek Dietrich (MIA) -2.7%

Jayson Werth (WAS) -3.6%

Ryan Zimmerman (WAS) -4.6%

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) -5.4%


Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) -5.8%

Hechavarria batted seventh and struck out in the third, grounded out with a man on second to end the fifth, and flew out to right to end the seventh.

Martin Prado (MIA) -10.8%

Prado batted second and went 0-for-4 for the contest, leaving three runners stranded.

Adam Conley (MIA) -24.1%

Conley pitched 5.1 innings, allowing 14 of 28 plate appearances get on base (seven hits and seven walks) for a 2.625 in-game WHIP. He had a GameScore of 25 and saw his record drop to 3-3 while his ERA grew by six runs, to 4.15. He got 58-of-106 pitches in the strike zone, but seven walks will never get it done. He did strike out two Nationals.

Last 10 Games

Marcell Ozuna +53.2%
Jose Fernandez +46.8%
Ichiro! Suzuki +22.4%
Tom Koehler +20.6%
AJ Ramos +19.2%
Miguel Rojas +16.7%
David Phelps +15.3%
Chris Johnson +12.7%
Kendrys Flores +11.9%
Christian Yelich +4.3%
Edwin Jackson +0.9%
Adam Conley -0.5%
Dustin McGowan -1.0%
Jeff Mathis -1.2%
Nick Wittgren -3.8%
Derek Dietrich -3.8%
Cole Gillespie -6.2%
Wei-Yin Chen -11.4%
Jose Urena -11.5%
Justin Bour -13.4%
Bryan Morris -23.7%
JT Realmuto -25.5%
Kyle Barraclough -27.9%
Martin Prado -36.0%
Adeiny Hechavarria -41.7%
Justin Nicolino -56.0%
Giancarlo Stanton -59.9%


Attendance: 24,308

paolo2387: 13,000
Marlins 5-3
H: Ichiro, Prado, Stanton
Z: Hechavarria, Mathis, Conley
Multi hit game from the Heroes — with Stanton breaking out with a homer (two points for Suzuki); Conley 5 innings, 3 runs allowed, 4 walks, 1 k

*Paolo - not sure how to get this across to you. Please use the format that everyone else does. If you say "5 innings, 3 runs allowed, 4 walks, 1 k," that is exactly what needs to happen for you to get any credit. If you want to hedge your bets, say 5+ innings, 3- runs allowed, 4+walks, etc.

Marlon D: 17,849
Marlins 3-2
H: Ichiro, Bour, Yelich
Z: Mathis, Taylor
Stanton HR, Marlins force Nats into 3+GIDP

Shimmy_812: 22,650
Marlins 2-1
H: Conley, Scherzer, Ozuna
Z: Stanton, Hechavarria, Murphy
Conley QS; Scherzer QS; Scherzer 7+K

gustavopim: 24,890
Marlins 5-1
H: Conley, Scherzer, Dietrich
Z: Zimmerman, Mathis, Hechavarria
Conley + Scherzer 5+K (not sure how to read this); Harper or Stanton HR; Conley QS +Scherzer QS

evermoresg: 26,236
Marlins 6-4
H: Conley, Ichiro, Harper
Z: Mathis, Stanton, Kelley
Conley QS; Scherzer QS; SP combine for 15+K

2qbn: 22,420
Marlins 4-3
H: Conley, Stanton, Harper
Z: Werth, Zimmerman, Rendon
Stanton HR; Conley QS; Harper 2RBI

Ichthyomancy Standings







Marlon D
















Thomas Bennett


Kevin Kraczkowski


John Butterworth


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