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Off Day Fish Fry: Winning, First Place Teams, Cars

Questions, Answers, Shenanigans.

Psssst. Hey, Cody. Pitch better.
Psssst. Hey, Cody. Pitch better.
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Last Fish Fry



I don't know if you noticed but the Fish are 7-1 in their last eight games. What do you attribute this to? Do you see things continuing this way, and for how long? Has it changed your perception of the capabilities of this team?


First place teams as of this writing: Red Sox, White Sox, Rangers, Nationals, Cubs, Rockies. Which of these teams, if any, will still be on top of their divisions at the end of the season?


What kind of car are you driving right now (no, not right this second, that would be dangerous, put your phone down). What kind of car do you wish you were driving (dream car). Is Nascar a sport?

Enjoy everyone, and please make sure to leave your comments down below!