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The 2016 Giancarlo Stanton Projection Project: A crowdsourcing effort

Marlins fans seem to have varying opinion on the current and future talent level of Giancarlo Stanton. Let's see if we can't use the wisdom of the crowds to create a prediction.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There is no doubt about it: Giancarlo Stanton has struggled for the past week and a half.

The Miami Marlins really want the best version of Stanton back, but he seems to be in a slump. However, as we discussed yesterday, slumps happen, even to the very best players in baseball. No one hits at their best 100 percent of the time. Players aren't robots, as they say.

But there is at least a small contingent that thinks that there is some truth underlying this slump or Stanton's overall weaker performance so far in 2016. Whether that comes from a mechanical issue or a timing issue that has not been addressed, there are Marlins fans that think his true talent has changed and he's a worse player than we knew before this season. Others are inclined to believe history given that there is little statistical evidence other than the slump batting line.

What's the real answer? We may not ever really know, though I have my suspicions of the latter rather than the former. But I'm one person, and so are you. But collectively, we can do a better job of projecting the future than any one person. So let's utilize the wisdom of the crowds to approach the future of Giancarlo Stanton. I want you to tell me what Stanton will hit from 5/20/2016 until the end of the season!

How are you going to do that? With our Google Form survey!

There are three drop-down menus where you can make your selection for three different things: Stanton's batting average, on-base percentage (OBP), and slugging percentage (SLG) from tomorrow's game against the Washington Nationals until the end of the season.

The voting will occur today and tomorrow, and we will compile the data and create a batting line based on the crowd's wisdom! That batting line will be compared with projections from various systems. We'll see who was closer! I can also attest to individual guesses, though that's less relevant than the group's prediction.

For reference, here is some current information on Stanton:

2016 .221 .335 .500 .355 119
2013-2016 .265 .371 .538 .386 147
Career .268 .361 .545 .385 144

You can certainly look up what the projections think now, but I encourage you to sit down, honestly think about what you feel Stanton's current talent level is, and guess where those three numbers will be. You've seen him hit all of your career. You have seen him hit recently. Put your answers in our form and we'll reveal the group's guess by tomorrow if there are enough votes!

Let the forecasting begin!