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Heroes and Zeroes: Marlins 5, Nationals 1

Miami came back to even the four-game series with a four-run win on Sunday afternoon. Jose Fernandez was the big Hero.

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Jose Fernandez (MIA) +33.6%

Fernandez threw 117 pitches over seven innings, and earned a GameScore of 73, which was his second best GS of the season after the 76 he got last week in his 4-1 win over Milwaukee. He allowed three walks and four hits (including Ryan Zimmerman's inside-the-park homer) for an in-game WHIP of 1.000, and earned the win to bring his record to 5-2 and his ERA to 3.21. He struck out 11 Nationals in total.

Martin Prado (MIA) +13.5%

Prado played third base and batted second for the Fish. Most of his positive impact for the Marlins came in the third inning, when Stephen Drew dropped Prado's easy pop fly and allowed JT Realmuto and Adeiny Hechavarria to score. Aside from that, he hit a leadoff single to left in the seventh inning.

Ryan Zimmerman (WAS) +12.0%

Zimmerman batted cleanup for the Nats and played first base. Leading off the fourth inning, he hit a long fly ball to deep right center field. Marcell Ozuna and Giancarlo Stanton got tangled up going for the ball, which dropped onto the ground as Zimmerman circled the bases for an inside-the-parker. He got onto base in the eighth on a single.

Almost Heroes

JT Realmuto (MIA) +10.1%

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) +8.7%

AJ Ramos (MIA) +8.2%

Stephen Drew WAS) +4.5%

Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) +3.8%

David Phelps (MIA) +2.6%

Minimal Impact

Danny Espinosa (WAS) +1.9%

Yusmiero Petit (WAS) +1.7%

Oliver Perez (WAS) +1.4%

Blake Treinen (WAS) +0.3%

Ichiro Suzuki (MIA) -0.1%

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) -1.3%

David Murphy (WAS) -1.4%

Almost Zeroes

Wilson Ramos (WAS) -2.6%

Chris Heisey (WAS) -4.2%

Justin Bour (MIA) -4.3%

Ben Revere (WAS) -5.0%

Clint Robinson (WAS) -6.4%

Kyle Barraclough (MIA) -6.5%

Christian Yelich (MIA) -6.6%

Michael Taylor (WAS) -6.6%

Anthony Rendon (WAS) -8.9%


Bryce Harper (WAS) -10.4%

Harper batted third for the Nats out of right field, and went 0-for-3 with a walk and a strikeout versus the Marlins on Sunday afternoon. He left a total of four runners on base.

Derek Dietrich (MIA) -11.7%

Dietrich left five on base in his five plate appearances, striking out twice and drawing one walk.

Joe Ross (WAS) -26.5%

Ross took the loss to drop his record to 3-3, and allowed three earned runs (and two unearned) to raise his ERA to 2.63. He earned a GameScore of just 40, going 5.2 innings and getting 64-of-106 pitches into the strikezone. He gave up seven hits and two walks for a 1.588 in-game WHIP, striking out three Marlins.

Last 10 Games

Marcell Ozuna +68.4%
Jose Fernandez +63.6%
Tom Koehler +51.8%
Christian Yelich +25.2%
Justin Bour +22.4%
AJ Ramos +21.8%
JT Realmuto +15.8%
Martin Prado +15.7%
Kendrys Flores +11.9%
Chris Johnson +6.2%
Wei-Yin Chen +6.0%
Derek Dietrich -1.5%
Jeff Mathis -2.1%
Nick Wittgren -3.4%
Dustin McGowan -5.8%
Giancarlo Stanton -6.1%
Nefi Ogando -6.6%
Cole Gillepsie


Ichiro Suzuki -9.5%
Miguel Rojas -10.0%
Justin Nicolino -15.5%
Jose Urena -19.4%
David Phelps -20.4%
Bryan Morris -29.3%
Craig Breslow -29.9%
Adam Conley -36.2%
Kyle Barraclough -39.7%
Adeiny Hechavarria -64.1%


Attendance: 36,786

Marlon D: 29,568
Marlins 4-3
H: Harper, Stanton, Yelich
Z: Prado, Hechavarria, Werth
Marlins 2+2b, Fernandez 8+K

paolo2387: 30,000
H: Stanton, Yelich, Fernandez
Z: Bour, Realmuto, Hechavarria
Marlins will bat around; Fernandez 10K, 3BB, 4 full counts, 100 pitches; Heat win

Shimmy_812: 29,300
Marlins 3-1
H: Fernandez, Ozuna, Ross
Z: Werth, Hechavarria, Zimmerman
Ross QS, Fernandez QS, Fernandez 7+K

2qbn: 30,420
Marlins 3-1
H: Fernandez, Stanton, Yelich
Z: Ross, Revere, Werth
Fernandez QS, Stanton HR, Ross gives up 3ER

evermoresg: 29,090
Marlins 4-3
H: Fernandez, Harper, Yelich
Z: Robinson, Ross, Hechavarria
Fernandez QS, Marlins 3-4-5 2+HR, Harper 2K

gustavopim: 32,289
Marlins 4-1
H: Fernandez, Ozuna, Dietrich
Z: Stanton, Ross, Fernandez
Fernandez QS, Marlins take lead after 7th, Harper 2BB 0H

Ichthyomancy Standings









Marlon D














Thomas Bennett


John Butterworth


Kevin Kraczkowski


The Marlins will tomorrow open a three-game series at Veteran's Park in Philadelphia at 7:05PM. Get your picks in for the game, or for the series if you like.