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Heroes and Zeroes: Marlins 7, Nationals 1

The Fish rebounded in the nightcap for a six-run win in D.C.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Marcell Ozuna (MIA) +22.2%

Ozuna batted sixth for the Fish in the order out of center field, and earned the top Hero of the game with a three-hit game (Martin Prado also collected three for the Marlins). He hit a leadoff triple (+9.8%) and scored the first run of the night in the second inning. In the fifth, he hit a bases-loaded single to center field, scoring Derek Dietrich and Martin Prado for a 5-1 lead (+13.0%), later scoring the last run of the game. He hit a two-out single in the ninth to load the bases (0.0%), but was stranded on JT Realmuto's flyout.

Derek Dietrich (MIA) +17.4%

Dietrich played second base and led off for the Marlins, and took first on Tanner Roark's third pitch of the night the hard way, via pain (HBP, +3.6%). He hit a two-out RBI double to right field (+11.4%), scoring Miguel Rojas in the second for a 2-0 Miami lead. Dietrich drew a leadoff walk in the fifth (+2.6%), scoring on a Marcell Ozuna single for a 5-1 Marlins advantage.

Kendrys Flores (MIA) +11.9%

Flores only lasted three innings in his first major league start of the season, but left the game with a 3-0 Miami lead. He gave up three walks and a hit for a 1.333 in-game WHIP, striking out one. He earned a 55 GameScore, getting barely over half of his pitches (30-of-59) into the strikezone. He was lifted after three innings due to right shoulder pain.

Almost Heroes

Matt den Dekker (WAS) +8.3%

Martin Prado (MIA) +6.8%

Stephen Drew (WAS) +5.8%

Miguel Rojas (MIA) +5.2%

Minimal Impact

David Phelps (MIA) +1.0%

Bryan Morris (MIA) +0.6%

Chris Heisey (WAS) +0.5%

AJ Ramos (MIA) +0.3%

Sammy Solis (WAS) +0.3%

Jose Lobaton (WAS) +0.3%

Oliver Perez (WAS) +0.1%

Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) 0.0%

Chris Johnson (MIA) -0.1%

Clint Robinson (WAS) -0.2%

JT Realmuto (MIA) -0.4%

Cole Gillespie (MIA) -0.6%

Daniel Murphy (WAS) -0.8%

Jose Urena (MIA) -1.2%

Almost Zeroes

Justin Bour (MIA) -2.2%

Christian Yelich (MIA) -2.3%

Anthony Rendon (WAS) -2.6%

Wilson Ramos (WAS) -3.1%


Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) -8.6%

Stanton didn't strike out for a change, and actually hit safely (with one-out in the ninth (0.0%)). He grounded out with two on for the second out of the first (-2.8%), flew out for the second out of the third (-1.2%), flew out with no one out and the bases loaded in the fifth (-4.4%), and grounded out back to the pitcher (-0.2%) to end the sixth.

Ben Revere (WAS) -12.1%

Revere led off and played center field for the Nationals, going 0-for-5 on the night with three groundouts and two lineouts.

Tanner Roark (WAS) -46.5%

Roark's record dropped to 2-3 after the loss. In five innings, he gave up all seven of Miami's runs, all earned. He allowed three walks and eight hits for a 2.200 in-game WHIP, with five strikeouts. He finished with a GameScore of 25, getting only 67-of-115 pitches over the plate.


Attendance: 30,019

gustavopim: 24,683
Marlins 5-3
H: Flores, Dietrich, Ramos
Z: Rojas, Roark, Taylor
Dietrich 3x on base, Bour HR, Flores 5+IP + 4+Ks + 3BB

paolo2387: 20,000
Marlins 5-4
H: Flores, Stanton, Ozuna
Z: Rojas, Bour, Realmuto
Flores 8IP + 5K + 3BB, Stanton grand slam, Dietrich HBP

evermoresg: 22,155
Marlins 7-5
H: Stanton, Yelich, Murphy
Z: Heisey, Rojas, Dekker
Marlins 3-4-5 2+HR, Flores 5+IP + ER≤4, Bour OBP>.399

Shimmy_812: 27,430
Marlins 5-3
H: Flores, Yelich, Ozuna
Z: Roark, Stanton, Rojas
Flores QS, Marlins 3+R inning, Ozuna gets 1+H

Ichthyomancy Standings

Shimmy_812 101
gustavopim 99
2qbn 72
Jigokusabre 63.5
Marlon D 52
Madrid3004 29.5
evermoresg 32
paolo2387 23
rsanchez1 14
MiamiSkye 7
Thomas Bennett 6
John Butterworth 4.5
Kevin Kraczkowski 4

Shimmy_812 had the first 10 point game that I've seen, and needs to join the Marlins' scouting and/or advanced metrics department. Check out Federal Baseball if you'd like to read up on the Nats.

The quickest four-game series I've ever seen concludes today, and the first pitch is set for 1:35PM. Get your picks in before then.