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NL West Notes: Rockies' Reyes suspended 51 games, Padres still chasing strange feat

Here's what's happening around the National League West.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Reyes has been suspended 51 games by Major League Baseball for his role in a domestic violence incident in Hawaii last October.

Reyes will receive credit for the 34 games he spent on administrative leave. With 17 games remaining on the suspension, Reyes can return on June 1.

According to sources, Reyes continues to be cooperative with the investigation, and even chose to donate $100,000 to "one or more charitable organizations focused on preventing and treating survivors of domestic abuse."

Has Reyes learned his lesson? Perhaps. But the Colorado Rockies have to be extremely disappointed about the incident, especially considering Reyes' past production.

Here's what else is happening around the National League West:

Most hardcore baseball fans know about the Padres' lack of a no-hitter, but another feat has also managed to elude them for the entire history of the franchise.

Tim Lincecum's list of destinations is narrowing, but a familiar face continues to make its voice heard.

They might have been signed for their arms, but Arizona's pitching corps has had a rough time going yard in the DH-less National League.

Dodger Pablo Fernandez has hit a tough break in his journey to major league stardom.

Remember that jab at the Arizona pitchers at the plate? It looks like they're starting to make up for it at the mound.

Trevor Story may only be a rookie, but he's getting it done on the field and in the merchandising industry.

The Padres have never gone with the status quo when choosing their look. Which scheme was the best?

Clayton Kershaw reached another milestone on Thursday night.

As a whole, the NL West has underperformed up to this point. Will it continue?