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Heroes and Zeroes: Nationals 5, Marlins 3

Washington took advantage of Miami's bullpen, scoring runs in the sixth, seventh, and eighth innings for their two-run win.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Bryce Harper (WAS) +31.8%

Harper drew walks in the first and third innings, singled in the fifth, and hit a two-run, eventual game-winning homer in the seventh to score Anthony Rendon.

Stephen Drew (WAS) +30.9%

Drew hit a two-out, pinch-hit home run off Bryan Morris in the bottom of the sixth inning to tie the game at two runs apiece.

Tom Koehler (MIA) +26.9%

Koehler faced 26 batters over 5.2 innings. He gave up six hits and five walks for an in-game WHIP of 1.941, striking out four Nats and giving up just one earned run (Jose Lobaton was inherited by reliever Bryan Morris, but allowed to score). Koehler finished with a GameScore of 52.

Almost Heroes

Miguel Rojas (MIA) +20.2%

Oliver Perez (WAS) +10.2%

Blake Treinen (WAS) +8.6%

Chris Johnson (MIA) +8.4%

Chris Heisey (WAS) +8.3%

Jonathan Papelbon (WAS) +8.1%

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) +8.0%

Jose Lobaton (WAS) +4.7%

Minimal Impact

Anthony Rendon (WAS) +4.3%

Yusmiero Petit (WAS) +4.1%

Marcell Ozuna (MIA) +1.5%

Felipe Rivero (WAS) -1.2%

JT Realmuto (MIA) -1.9%

Derek Dietrich (MIA) -2.6%

Jayson Werth (WAS) -3.3%

Ichiro Suzuki (MIA) -3.8%

Almost Zeroes

David Murphy (WAS) -5.0%

Dustin McGowan (MIA) -5.8%

Cole Gillespie (MIA) -6.2%

Danny Espinosa (WAS) -8.6%

Martin Prado (MIA) -9.0%

Ben Revere (WAS) -9.7%

Christian Yelich (MIA) -13.0%

Ryan Zimmerman (WAS) -13.4%

Adeiny Hechavarria (MIA) -14.7%


Gio Gonzalez (WAS) -19.8%

Gonzalez earned a no-decision and a 56 GameScore over five innings. He allowed two unearned runs on six hits and two walks for a 1.600 WHIP. He struck out seven Marlins.

Kyle Barraclough (MIA) -28.6%

Barraclough earned the loss and is now 2-1 with a 3.00 ERA. He came on to pitch the seventh inning and gave up a walk and a home run which gave the Nats a 4-2 lead. He then struck out the next three batters on 14 pitches.

Bryan Morris (MIA) -29.2%

Morris was the top reason that Miami lost the game. He came on with a 2-0 lead, two out and a man on in the bottom of the sixth, then immediately let Stephen Drew deposit one in the bleachers.


Attendance: 28,232

Shimmy_812: 28,900
Marlins 6-5
H: Stanton, Ozuna, Harper
Z: Gonzalez, Koehler, Werth
Harper or Stanton HR, Ozuna 2+H, Both starters gone before 7th

gustavopim: 30,285
Marlins 7-5
H: Ramos, Realmuto, Stanton
Z: Gonzalez, Koehler, Hechavarria
Realmuto 2+ on base, Harper 2BB + 1HR, Koehler 5+K

Thomas Bennett: 37,000
Marlins 5-4
H: Koehler, Johnson, Ozuna
Z: Gonzalez, Lobaton, Hechavarria
Harper 2K, Johnson HR, Koehler 6+IP

evermoresg: 27,920
Nationals 6-3
H: Gonzalez, Harper, Prado
Z: Lobaton, Johnson, Hechavarria
Two Marlins RPs each go 1+IP w/0ER & 1 or less WHIP, Marlins 3-4-5 2+HR, Bour pinch-XBH

paolo2387: 35,000
Marlins 5-3
H: Prado, Ozuna, Stanton
Z: Johnson, Hechavarria, Rojas
Koehler 6IP, 2HR 4K, 3BB, 100P, 1 RBI, Ramos 4 out save, Hechavarria error

2qbn: 33,420
Nationals 5-3
H: Harper, Rendon, Yelich
Z: Stanton, Hechavarria, Koehler
Gonzalez W, Koehler 5 or less IP, Harper HR

Marlon D: 29,585
Marlins 4-2
H: Rendon, Realmuto, Yelich
Z: Stanton, Lobaton, Werth
Koehler 6+IP, IF HR

Jigokusabre: 30,333
Marlins 7-4
H: Stanton, Phelps, Prado
Z: Rojas, Gonzalez, Werth
Koehler 3+ ER, Bullpen W, 1+ pinch hits

Ichthyomancy Standings

gustavopim 93
Shimmy_812 87
2qbn 69
Jigokusabre 63.5
Marlon D 52
Madrid3004 29.5
evermoresg 31
paolo2387 16.5
rsanchez1 14
MiamiSkye 7
John Butterworth 4.5
Thomas Bennett 6
Kevin Kraczkowski 4

Next game up is today at 1:05, then again at 7:05 tonight. Get your picks in here for both games, or add your second game picks to the H+Z's that I'll write after the first game.