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Friday Fish Fry: Early impressions of the Marlins' season

Questions! Answers! Shenanigans!

Haha, what? No, I'm not concerned...not at all...
Haha, what? No, I'm not concerned...not at all...
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Programming Note: Official, the Fish Fry will be on off days going forward. Today's off day just happens to fall on a Friday. When the off season hits after the Marlins have won the World Series, the Fish Fry will resume it's customary place on Fridays.


Last Week's Fish Fry



Same old Marlins? Concerns? Hope spots?


Branch that out to a wider conversation. Even in less than a handful of games, there have been some interesting happenings. The Padres as of this writing have not scored a run scored a run. The Dodgers are en fuego. Robinson Cano and Starlin Castro are also aflame in the AL. Trevor is a Story in the NL. Edwin Jackson is the pictured league leader in ERA on ESPN. Anything stand out to you as impressive or abysmal?

Travel Part II

Last week we did United States travel. Now tell us what your favorite international travel destination is.